Growing up, singer-songwriter Kat Pace charmed her family and everyone within an earshot, strutting around, singing along to every song she could into a hairbrush. In 2013 a chance opportunity to record some vocal demos for her burgeoning theater career brought her back to those musical roots. Embracing this new chapter in creativity and confidence, Kat issued her masterful debut EP, the aptly titled Survivor in 2014. The process of recording would return her back to music for good. “The medium of recording helped me find myself,” Kat affirms.

“I was the kid in high school always at the piano writing, but I never thought I was good enough for it to be more than a hobby,” the New York City-based artist confides, “When I started writing this music, I could sense it was good, and that I was going to have the opportunity to fulfill the dream I had as a little girl.”

Kat has garnered an engaged fanbase through performing regularly in New York and Philadelphia. Select live highlights include performing at a Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraising events with a host of performers, including Joan Jett. In September 2016, she started working on her first full-length album, Back Home. The album showcases a refined pop vibe glimmering with hues of blues, soul, and rock and roll.

Kat was weaned on 1970s singer-songwriters, show tunes, and doo-wop. From that foundation, she has embraced pop, contemporary, and singer-songwriters. Her current album was produced by nine-time Grammy award-winning producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo outside of Kat’s hometown, Philadelphia. Nicolo has worked with artists such as Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, Lauryn Hill and Cypress Hill. Back Home has certainly benefitted from “The Butcher’s” years of experience and his famous ear for greatness.

Lately, Kat’s music infuses those early influences to create a soul-pop aesthetic. Lyrically, Kat writes with empathy, earnestness, poetic elegance, and dashes of quirkiness. Her vocals possess a dynamic emotionality that doesn’t sacrifice pristine pitch and melody for plaintive, from-the-heart expression.

Thematically, the album offers a message of self-knowledge, strength, and empowerment. “Right now, the biggest thing I want to communicate is a sense of independence because I didn’t think I had that in me before I wrote this album,” Kat confesses.

Album standouts include “Lost and Found”, “Revenge” and “Howl”. The stirring track “Lost and Found”, with anthemic hooks, strives to empower women to support each other through challenging moments. “I think we live in a time that demands unity in moments of weakness or fear. The song is meant to remind people that they aren’t alone and they can be powerful,” Kat says. The track “Revenge” is an R&B based pop song that touches on the strength that comes from heartbreak. Here the protagonist is refusing to be beaten by love lost. “Howl” is a haunting rock song about curiosity with raw, candid lyrics. Kat sings with sass and soul, spinning intimate verse melodies before bringing a surprising chorus to life. Back Home tells the story of an artist who has been influenced by eclectic genres.

While Kat is always growing as an artist, Back Home will always have relevant meaning to her path and to the impact she hopes to make with her music. “I wasn’t brave and independent when I was a kid, but music has given me confidence, and now I want to do that for others through writing about strength and independence,” she says.